BD Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set


Safety Lok Single handed safety activation with irreversible locking mechanism, confirmed with an audible click. (VS prefix codes below)

The Valu-Set Winged Needle Infusion Set has a winged infusion needle set for the safe use in venipuncture. The sharp needle allows a smooth insertion and the soft wings ensure comfort and easy tape-down. (BT prefix codes below and image).

Product Code Size Length Colour Pack Size
BT387423 13mm n/a n/a 100
VS367295 25G / 178mm tubing Needle 7ins Dark blue 50
VS367288 23G / 305mm tubing Needle 12ins Light blue 50
VS367286 21G / 305mm tubing Needle 12ins Green 50
BT387465 19mm n/a n/a 100

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