IV Luer Slip Syringes


IV Luer Slip Syringes have been designed to be used with all types of needles, IV cannula, and syringe drivers. Within the Luer Slip range sizes 20ml through to 60ml are manufactured with an eccentric tip. The barrel is clearly marked to help with drawing up of fluid and the plunger sits flat against the shoulder of the barrel to reduce dead space to ensure that all the contents are delivered.

Product Code Size / Colour Gauge x Needle Length Sterile Pack Size
Y8IVS01 1ml N/A Yes 100
Y8IVS03 3ml N/A Yes 100
Y8IVS05 5ml N/A Yes 100
Y8IVS10 10ml N/A Yes 100
Y8IVS20 20ml N/A Yes 50
Y8IVS30 30ml N/A Yes 30

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