Investing in sustainability

Investing in our future means to us, demonstrating a strong commitment to safeguarding the environment. We embrace the changes that are necessary for a sustainable future. By working with our customers and suppliers, we aim to reduce our mutual impact on the environment.

The ‘Be Green’ logo is the symbol of Bunzl’s environmental strategy, which measures operating improvements in order to reduce our environmental impact. We also help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint by supplying products that encourage more effective waste management.

Our environmental programmes have been running for over five years. We constantly review them and seek to improve our performance in this area. Many of the environmental issues surrounding the day-to-day business of Bunzl Healthcare are associated with waste management. This predominantly involves the packaging that our suppliers use to deliver their products to us, and the consumption of fuel to transport products to our customers.

We focus on sourcing alternative packaging that helps support our customers’ own green efforts. We try to source products that are recyclable, have been manufactured using sustainable production processes and are certified ‘green’.

Bunzl Healthcare is working hard to reduce the amount of landfill waste we generate, and to improve our fuel efficiency and reduce our energy consumption.

Think Green – Be Green

At Bunzl we see our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment as a key area of corporate social responsibility.

Our underlying principle is to provide the tools and resources to ensure that our sales and purchasing teams are equipped with the required level of knowledge to help our customers make informed choices, without a bias towards any specific environmental solution. This may be through the provision of a product manufactured from recycled or biodegradable materials, or through controlled dosing systems to minimise waste. This process starts with identifying the product’s sustainability characteristics using a clear and easy-to-use series of symbols that operates across the Bunzl group.


At Bunzl we aim for a finished product that can break down or decompose under natural conditions and processes within a restricted period of time, for example PLA, wood or paper.


The finished product contains an element of recycled material resulting from either post-consumer or post-production waste, for example recycled polymers or paper.


The finished product is predominantly manufactured from a naturally occurring raw material that will be replenished through normal ecological cycles, for example paper, wood or corn.

Energy efficient

Our products have been specifically designed to have a lower impact on the environment, usually by using less energy with the added benefit of lower running costs.